Dont Get Caught Up with the Fugazi!

123Now that everyone is a re-seller or has the “Hookup” on a “full size run” its hard to tell what is “Real.” Some people don’t care what they buy as long as it looks legit, and others will only buy from a authorized retailer. I have been doing Legit Checks for friends, Niketalk, and re-sellers for a while now and I have to say it’s getting pretty difficult.

Factories in Asia are getting really good with their knock offs and Unauthorized sneaker productions. For example, there are several websites, even Ali-Express, that offer different types of Yeezy Red Octobers, such as Super Perfect, Super Max Perfect, and Unauthorized. I feel like it is the purchasers duty to do their own “legit check” and educate themselves before they buy sneakers from anyone or anywhere. I have been following @Fake_Education on Instagram for some time. He has some very good pictures and description on what is Real vs Fake.








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