Jay-Z Sex Tape Being Shopped Around

jay-zThere is an alleged sex tape of Jay-Z being shopped around to different media outlets, sources report. The video, which does not include Beyonce, is supposedly of Jay-Z and Carmen Bryan (Nas’ baby mama).

From what we hear, the video was shot before Bey & J started dating. The alleged video shows the couple having oral and sexual intercourse.

MediaTakeOut Reports:

The tape, which was taken around the year 2000 shows Carmon and the man looking like Jay Z having RELATIONS. The insider explained, “You can see Carmen’s face clearly …. i saw oral, both ways …. penis and vagina is clear.”

This news isn’t too shocking given the history of Jay-Z’s sexual past. A year ago, Carmen Bryan actualluy tweeted about an affair between her and Jay-Z, while he was dating Rosario Dawson. Whatever the case may be, we still take this story with a grain of salt. Sometimes people like to drag others through the mud for no apparent reason. Stay tuned for updates on the story.





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