Solefly x Air Jordan 3

solefly-x-jordans-00The famous shoe boutique, Solefly, has teamed up with the Jordan Brand to create a project that all sneakerheads will love. On Saturday July 19th, Solefly will officially unveil its Solefly x Jordan 3 collaboration. An event will be held at the Hanger gallery in Miami, FL to showcase these bad boys.

Don’t get your hopes up or break out your sleepin bag, because these shoes will not be for sale. From our understanding, it will be a extremely limited edition showpiece with very few pairs made. For more info, check out Solefly’s website. More detailed pics of the shoes can be seen at Sneaker News.


solefly00 solefly-x-jordans-01 solefly-x-jordans-02 solefly-x-jordans-03 solefly-x-jordans-04 solefly-x-jordans-05 solefly-x-jordans-06 solefly-x-jordans-07 solefly-x-jordans-08


Source: Sneakernews & Solefly

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