Snoop Dogg x adidas Originals: Snoop Seeley

adidas-snoop-dogg-01Snoop D.O. double G and adidas Originals have teamed up for the company’s latest Footwear Project: The Snoop Seeley. The shoe goes back to the old school with one of Adidas’ most classic design schemes mixed with some covert Cali-detailing. And by no surprise, Snoop himself chose the color!

The inside lining of the shoe has a classic bandanna print to keep the shoe a little gangsta. All other aspects of the shoe remain similar to all classic Adidas shoes. The shoe is available now for $100 and can be coped up at select retailers like Hype DC.



adidas-snoop-dogg-02 adidas-snoop-dogg-03 adidas-snoop-dogg-04 adidas-snoop-dogg-05 adidas-snoop-dogg-06 adidas-snoop-dogg-07 adidas-snoop-dogg-08



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