adidas Originals C-10

adidas-c-10-01adidas Originals continues to impress us with their brand new designs. The company is heavily investing into street fashion and they are expecting a big return. Their latest addition is the C-10. It is truly unique from any other Adidas shoe and it’s bold style should fair well among shoe freaks.

This shoe was inspired by “innovative automobile design and cutting edge architecture” which is evident with it sharp edges and elastic straps. Other features include a ZX heel counter and upgraded elastic for comfort. The shoe will officially launch this August with a price tag of $90.

Check back with us here or on Instagram (@wefuxwittit) for future updates.


adidas-c-10-02 adidas-c-10-03 adidas-c-10-04 adidas-c-10-05 adidas-c-10-06 adidas-c-10-07 adidas-c-10-08 adidas-c-10-09




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