Air Jordan 1 Mid – White on White

AJWM01Here is the latest from the Jumpman camp. The classic shoe with a classic colorway that will never get old.  The new Air Jordan 1 Mid (White on White) comes traditionally complete without any new added features.

All supportive stitching is white giving a unique and pure style. The side wingspan logo is printed in a ‘classic black’ while the jumpman logo comes stiched in a ‘cool grey’.  This colorway is nothing short of good news. But with all good news, comes bad news. When purchasing these shoes you better have a good shoe cleaner. These are guarenteed to get dirtier than downtown Vegas hooker. Therefore you will be screwed unless you plan in stocking these or wearin them indoors.

You can purchase these right now at Titolo. They’re priced at 110 Euros… which comes out to about 157 USD.


Check out the gallery below

(Click to enlarge)


source: sneakerfreaker


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