Exclusive: Extreme Fan has Meltdown on Instagram over Pornstar Skin Diamond

sdiamond07An extreme fan tried for months to get a response from adult film star Skin Diamond through her Instagram account. When she never responded to any of his comments, he went through extreme measures to get her attention… which ultimately failed!

Skin Diamond, real name Raylin Christensen, is a popular adult film star who is well known in the porn industry for her hardcore scenes. This 5-foot-10 beauty from Ventura, California who measures 32B-25-35, has been making headlines since she started back 2009.

On occasion she will respond to many of her fans on Twitter and Instagram. Although it is a given that she can’t respond to everybody, one fan in particular (@raylindiamond) refused to see it that way. This guy went through great lengths to try to contact her through comments in all over her social networks. He even went as far as to admit he was a stalker and explained how he created over 60 different accounts in order to get a response. When Skin Diamond ignored his comments again and again, he flipped out.  When one user called him out on it, the melt down began!

“I have made about 60 different accounts just to get her to say something and it all failed.”

“I’ll just face defeat. I am mentally messed up. I wish I never came across her…”

“I don’t have any sense… I am an extreme fan and i’ve made over 60 accounts to contact you.”

“Most of the people that comment on your pics are me about 80%… I have an illness.”







The story continues. A few days later, @raylindiamond has another melt down once he finds out his favorite porn star is communicating with someone else on Instagram. He was making various rude comments in order to get a rise out of her.  When one person calls for people to report him, he flips out once again!

“No!… Don’t do this to me. Please I am begging you.”




This just goes to show how unstable certain people can be. No one should have to go through all that trouble just to get a response. There is obviously an enormous void in @raylindiamond life that will probably never be filled. Hope he gets help and I hope Skin Diamond has already got the restraining order!


Skin Diamond Fun Facts!

  • Her father is American actor Rodd Christensen.
  • She was born in Ventura, California, but raised in Dunfermline, Scotland.
  • Her parents are devout Christians and served as missionaries.
  • She claims she is of Ethiopian, Danish, Czech, Yugoslav, and German descent.
  • Before porn, she  modeled for Louis Vuitton, American Apparel and Atsuko Kudo.
  • Won Female Performer of the Year at the Urban X Awards.


Check out the gallery below

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Source: Instagram


2 thoughts on “Exclusive: Extreme Fan has Meltdown on Instagram over Pornstar Skin Diamond

  1. lmfao hilarious. i shouldnt laugh at this sick person but all that over a pornstar? get a grip loser. she is way overhyped to me anyway. looks like she never went through puberty or something.

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