Don’t Slip on these Air Jordans



Did you make your connects or build relationships in the shoe game yet for those Jordans? Several people are continuing to ask me questions on how to get sneakers. My answer always is…. “It’s all about luck and who you know.”

1. People say, “I’ll probably get those shoes coming out, but I need to find a good “bot” first.” People are spending $20 to $100+ on bots that sometimes don’t work for several reasons:

  • Nike has already changed their “coding” on the webpage.
  • A thousand other people have the same or even faster bots. Even if you get away using a bot there is a big chance the Nike online store will catch you, intercept your package, and ban you for purchasing future items from the store.


(Click to enlarge)

2. People say, “I’m going to multiple stores and try my luck with the raffle.” This is a good idea except….

  • Everyone is trying the same thing with their family members and friends getting tickets in their name.
  • The raffle is fixed or compromised.

Many sneakerheads and sneaker store employees have been complaining about this.  There is a great read on Icysole where two House of Hoops employees were caught rigging a raffle for the Oregon Foamposites. Friends have also mentioned that store employees have been giving out extra raffle tickets to one person on one shoe even though the limit is one ticket per customer per shoe.



3. “I am going to go to my secret spot. They always have a size for me.” I have heard on several accounts of people going to their main “sneaker spot” or boutique where employees are making customers by extra items in order to guarantee a sneaker purchase. Certain sneaker stores in malls and small “mom and pops” shops are having people buy Air Jordan or Nike items at a minimum or $40 to $100 just to secure a pair of sneakers. After people read the sign or were told this crap they either got screwed by spending more money or leaving without their sneaker. Here is a great video explaining a sneakerheads experience.



I see people “cheating” the system and winning by paying a RSVP bot service company that can “guarantee you” a purchase at a Niketown. You can only get so lucky. People need to start going out and making some connects/friends. If your not meeting someone making bots, fixing raffles, or finding a great RSVP sniper bot your probably going to pay way above retail or have to get very lucky. FYI I do not like any of these tactics, but if you cant beat em…..

It’s sad yet interesting to see how “the sneaker game” has changed.




Author: Adriyano Tobasko
Twitter: @xYaLn0x
Instagram: @xyan0x
Title Photo: @sneakernews

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