Hoodlaces: Swappable Hoodie Strings


Are you tired of your hoodie? Well you don’t have to throw any just yet! Want to give your tired old hoodie some new life? Try sprucin’ them up with these new style interchangeable laces!

Los Angeles based web developer, Steve Finley, decided to start up a side project on his own. His conception.., interchangeable hoodie strings!  Available in a variety of colors and designs, these strings will look good on any old hoodie.

Available now through their website or Kickstarter.




How they work:

The aglets (tips) are functional.  The stainless steel threads allow them to connect, enabling the user to swap laces in seconds! By taking two half-length laces and connecting them as one you can now wear two colors at once!

How do you get them in?

Hoodlaces® are easily inserted into the garment by connecting to a customized threading tool (shown below) included in every pack.


hl06                     hl05




Included in every tube is a threading tool , two complete laces, and a pair of end caps.

End Caps:

Turn your drawstring into a lanyard by attaching Hoodlace end caps! Hoodlaces create abetter lanyard that won’t choke you if caught or snagged since the strings hang free around your neck. They are perfect for:

  • House keys
  • Charms and trinkets
  • Sports teams
  • Bottle openers
  • Badges
  • Anything you can put on a keychain





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