Air Jordan Release App


Don’t have time to find out when the new Air Jordan is releasing, or know when a Re-Stock of a shoe is being released? Well now you do!

My good friend @DjGeneralee7 has been telling me for weeks to get the J23 App for my cell phone and to follow @J23app on twitter. I am SUPER glad I listened to him. This app tells you about future Air Jordan, Team Jordan and Fusion Jordan release dates, the history of each signature Air Jordan shoe and each Team Jordan player. The main feature that has people talking about this app is that is has the ability to message your phone when a Jordan is getting re-released. THIS IS BIG. A couple weeks ago there was a TON of re-releases. Shoes like Concords, Bred XI, Fire Red V, Killroy and Cool Grey 9s were being re-released. Many know when the main releases are, but it’s hard to know when they will have a re-release.

This app is available for both the Android Market and the Iphone. Only the Iphone at this moment has the re-release notification to be sent to your Iphone. J23 app is working to place this same feature on the Android.

Another secret out…..

Thanks NikeTalk fam! Here is the link to his website.


the video



Check out the gallery below

(Click to enlarge)



Author: @xYan0x
Source: J23

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