Street Art by OaKoAk (30 Photos)


French street artist OaKoAk is a blue collar pen pusher by day and an urban artisan in his spare time. His work can be seen all over St. Etienne and other cities in France.

With his secret identity and bold revitalization projects, some call him the modern day art hero. He never intervenes with the way things are on the street as he prefers to give them an upgrade. By adding a splash of color, OaKoAk brings urban cityscapes back to life.

“I wanted it to look nicer. It was an industrial city with many coal mines; now it’s in regeneration and still quite poor. But it’s easily travelled by foot with awkward aspects ideal for art. I saw shapes everywhere, and wanted to realise them,” – OaKoAk

All of his artwork is regularly updated on his blog.


Check out the gallery below

(Click to enlarge)

Author: J. Spears

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