The Guide to Getting Nike Air Jordans

2521896756_62124ea58a_bWant a better chance at getting Nike Air Jordans? There are several ways to get your kicks these days that many people aren’t aware of.

People always ask the same questions:  How did you get those so early? Do you have the hook up? Are they still for sale? Follow these steps and you’ll have no problem getting your next pair.


You want to get shoes early? You must network or have some extra money. Sneakerheads can get shoes early by buying them from online stores such as Kicks-Crew or Pick Your Shoes with prices way above retail. If your network skills are strong, then you may have a friend or a friend of a friend that works for a sneaker store.

The release date is coming. Sign up on Twitter and follow @FLUnlocked, @Nikestore @finishline and/or several Niketowns in your area. If you live in Los Angeles you may want to follow @NikeLA, @21Mercer, and @NikeSantaMonica. The Twitter accounts @FLUnlocked, @Nikestore and @finishline will post a link to the shoes when they become available online. Other Nike accounts like @NikeLA, @21Mercer, and @NikeSantaMonica will post updates on shoes and ways to RSVP your shoe and size when they send the tweet out.

Many shoe stores are starting to do raffles for certain shoes in order to avoid chaos and long lines on release dates. If you are really desperate bring in your family and friends to each get a raffle ticket.

So you didn’t get your size from camping out in line, or no shoes were released in your area… You might want to try some Facebook groups that may be in your area like Shoe Game LA or Shoe Game Las Vegas. Sneakerheads that Buy/Sell/Trade different types of shoes usually take this route. Rumor is that there are private groups on Facebook that only allow shoes to be sold for retail, such as, Shoe Karma. And of course, there is always eBay or consignment stores like RIF L.A. or Flight Club.



Tip #1:  When getting shoes via Twitter, the release time in usually 5:00 am PST, and there will be 1000s of people clicking.

TIP #2: Make friends on message board communities like SOLE Collector and Nike Talk. They are a good source for tips on stores, release date info, and legit checks if your buying from eBay.


Bonus: Here is a website that focuses on helping and informing people how and where to get shoes CHEAP!


Do your research! And Good Luck!


Author: A. Tobasko
Follow @xYan0x
Photo: Quino Campos

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