LACER Headwear: Caps from Hawaii


From the sandy beaches of Hawaii comes a cap to match every one of your kicks. LACER Headwear has developed a series of hats inspired by sneaker culture. 

It took five years for founder/designer Steven Fountain to develop his idea out of his garage in Kauai. And after a little ground work and a lot of hustle, his vision finally came into fruition. These caps are 100% original and are custom made to fit a variety of kicks. Styles come in either fitted or snap-back and are made with industry grade materials. The combinations are endless as the laces and emblems can be interchanged with different colors. Price tag will run you about $35.  With the right pair of shoes, these caps are guaranteed to make you look less ugly! Check out their website here for a complete catalog.


Check out the gallery below

(Click to enlarge)


Author: J. Spears
Source: Sneaker Freaker

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