Converting Digital Audio to Records


Have you ever downloaded an album online and said “Whoa… this band is hot, but I wished they had put this on onto a phonograph so I can jam on my turntable.”  No! Neither have we. But at least it’s now possible.

Developer Amanda Ghassaei has trailblazed the way to convert any digital audio file onto a 3D-printed record. The format was developed so all music can be played on any ordinary turntable. Just like any vinyl record, the stylus hits hundreds of tiny grooves to vibrate and produce an audio signal. Although the sound is nowhere near digital quality, 3D printing is on the rise and developers are using is to create amazing projects like these. It’s only a matter of time until this conversion process is perfected. For more info on Amanda Ghassaei’s project, check out her website here.



Author: J. Spears
Source: Amanda Ghassaei, Gizmag

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