Mykki Blanco: Hip Hop Has Changed

mbMykki Blanco, born Michael David Quattlebaum Jr., is a emerging gay rapper from the streets of New York. The 25 year old art school dropout has been catching a lot of attention with his dramatic drag queen style and supreme lyrics. 

Elle Magazine named him “Hip Hop’s New Queen” as he has been touring at A-List venues around the country. The style is something that has never been seen before in the hip hop game and is definitely turning heads with his avant-garde sound. He rejects the term “gay rapper” as he describes his craft as “a mixture of riot grrrl and ghetto fabulousness.” A few of his songs like “Haze.Boogie.Life” & “Wavvy” set the foundation for his upcoming success and he’s on a mission to the top. He may be small-time news now, but we think he’ll be blowin up pretty soon. To hear his current mixtape, check out his webpage here.

Interesting Fact: Mykki Blanco ran away from his home in Raleigh, N.C. to New York City when he was 16 to pursue his dream as an artist. Before he ran away he wrote an e-mail to the famous eclectic director, Vincent Gallo, saying “I adore you. I know that you ran away to New York City when you were 16.”  He wrote back: “Don’t come to New York. You’re an idiot.”





Author: J. Spears
Source: NY Times, Interview Magazine

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