Air Jordan V Retro “Grape”

2912895521_5cba0227ae_o2012 was a great year for Jordan sneakers, but what’s coming out in 2013 may have you spending a bit more. The Jordan Brand has decided to release several variations of Air Jordan 1s, 3s, 8s, 13s, and 5s.  Sneakerheads, Hypebeast, Collectors and Resellers are waiting for the return of the Air Jordan Grape Vs (5) Style Code 136027-108 in April 2013.

In 2006 several unhappy people were not able to obtain this color way because of limited availability, long lines, and servers crashing on websites. The new red lace locks on these shoes have people shaking their heads, but that will have no effect on these sneaks selling out quick. No official release day has been set. If you are interested in getting a pair of the 2006 Jordan “Grapes” feel free to check out Ebay or any L.A. based consignment store where these shoes are going for $300 to $650.

Good luck this year.


Author: A. Tabasco
Follow @xYan0x
Photo: Dave Austria

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