Sites That Will Question Your Sanity!

4022907943_32d670d255_bOh internet! What have we done to you? The online experience that we once used strictly for e-mail and chatting is changing up on us.

It is evolving into something that we could have never imagined… and that’s not necessarily a good thing! There are two types of websites online today: those that help us progress and those that make us say WTF? And these websites are strictly WTF?!


WARNING: Before clicking on these links below please do one of the following, or both!

  1. Smoke weed. – preferably a blend from Northern California
  2. Have a phone number readily available to a therapist.

Because either way… your mind is getting warped and you’ll need one of them to keep your sanity. Enjoy!


the websites

Know of any other freaky websites? Please comment below.

Author: J. Spears
Photo: thelibrarygeek

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