The New NCAA Bowl Game Sponsors

bowl_logo2College football is coming to an end and there are 35 bowl games scheduled for the holiday season. 85% of the games will suck… really hard. The games are going to suck so much that porn stars will probably be watching to take notes! Out of the 70 teams that will be playing, a good percentage of them have a dismal 5 and 7 record. Pathetic right? So as the NCAA reaches out to big companies to sponsor the little bowl games that no one will watch, there are a few companies they should consider to boost up ratings. 

It’s sad that the NCAA coddles teams with losing records and throws them into to games just for money. It’s pretty much making a mockery of the sport. If the dollar bill had any emotion George Washington would feel like a whore! If the NCAA wants to make money and show “HORRIBOWL” games on TV, then at least entertain the audience by letting sponsors  like Tampax, Always and Summer’s Eve get into the mix. Why? Not only will it give teams incentive to play hard to escape an embarrassing bowl, but it will give fans something to make fun of and laugh at. Could you imagine the ratings at a Summer’s Eve Bowl? They would go through the roof. The crowd would also be hyped up calling the teams douchebags!

C’mon NCAA. Make it happen!

Author: J. Spears

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